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Ocotillo Women's League, or "OWL", is a women’s non-profit social club based in Chandler.  Our members are women of all ages and residents of Chandler’s Ocotillo and neighboring communities.  


The OWLs meet for lunch at 11:30 a.m. on the third Monday of the month unless members are notified otherwise. The monthly Luncheon provides an opportunity for visiting and conducting the club's business. The Luncheons have a fun theme with speakers on various topics of interest.






OWL offers many other opportunities each month for members to get to know each other better. Activities offered by OWL are:


                      Book Lovers

                         Day Bunco

                        Night Bunco


                        Day Trippers

                        Maj Jongg

                        Movie Group

                        Community Service


For more information, visit the Monthly Calendar page - or, if you are a member and want to participate, check with the appropriate Activities Coordinator listed in the monthly newsletter.


The OWL Community Service group holds charitable functions throughout the year, including a fashion show and gift basket raffle. Watch the Newsletter for details.  Come join Community Service and share your ideas.


Membership Information

If you are a woman living in or near the Ocotillo area in Chandler and want to join OWL, just click on the "For Guests" link in the left column.  Here you will find information about the luncheons, and a link to download the membership application. If you send an email to the address provided, the appropriate member contact will get back to you.


Annual membership dues are $50 due January 1.  However, if you are a new member joining after July 1st, you may deduct $15 from the dues to cover the balance of the year. (Note:  if members do not renew by March 1st, $10 will be added to the renewal fee, making the dues $60.)  Please remember to renew on time!


For more information, contact the Membership Directors at membership@owlsgroup.org


PO Box 11574

Chandler, AZ  85248


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